Conductor Analysis Technologies, Inc. (CAT) is a provider of market-critical data utilized by designers, purchasers, assemblers, and manufacturers of printed circuit boards, and by material and equipment suppliers to the printed circuit industry.  Our products and services provide quantitative data on printed circuit manufacturing capability, quality, and reliability.

Results from the analysis of CAT test panel and coupon designs provide quantitative yield, uniformity and reliability data that are used to measure, track, and improve processes.  Our data illustrate strengths and weaknesses of processes, and points to areas requiring improvement or development.  Furthermore, the data offers insight into the sources of defects and process non-uniformities, allowing for their reduction or elimination.

By evaluating two or more processes, our analysis provides the data necessary for comparison and selection.  This allows users of printed circuit boards to: 

  • Benchmark their board suppliers’ capabilities
  • Perform intelligent sourcing
  • Select new suppliers
  • Ensure design for manufacturability
  • Establish realistic design rules
  • Product acceptance
  • Supplier qualification
  • Design validation
  • Material studies
  • Process verification

Our services include test panel and coupon design, precision electrical testing, reliability testing, and comprehensive data analysis.  Whether measuring, comparing, or developing processes, we provide a standardized, independent, and documented evaluation of printed circuit board process capability, quality, and reliability.

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